Sunday, January 23, 2011

My blog

Well, those of you familiar with me or my work may not have the whole story. I figure, Nightcrawler set up the account here, why not put it to more use than simply leaking classified intelligence to both our enemies and the people we are sworn to protect who inherently distrust us because of our secrecy?

Yes, you paranoid bastards, I'm looking at you.

My appropriate alias is 'Specter.' I work for the Paranormal Termination Consortium as an executive in the employ of one of the organizations responsible for funding the entire operation. Which one I am employed with, I am not permitted to say. Nor am I permitted to release my real name.

But, the P.T.C.'s existence has been leaked to a minor group of internet bloggers who are fascinated with something we've devoted lives and resources to trying to kill and contain. I figure, as long as knowledge of the P.T.C. doesn't spread much farther, we'll be able to continue working quietly.

And pass it all off as a work of fiction.

At any rate, here I will answer questions and post about my day. Heavens know I have nothing  better to do while overseeing Nightcrawler and making sure he stays under control.

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  1. Sometimes, the wildest things are the ones most solidly rooted in truth. But the common man is so cynical he often loses himself in his own false world where all must be seen to be believed. Your task should not be difficult in such a regard.