Friday, March 18, 2011

Winner: Hakurei Ryuu

For showing initiative, you won the first question.

For showing wisdom, you won the second question.

For showing initiative, Kay won the third question.

For winning the majority of the questions, you may ask me three of your own. I will answer to the best of my ability.

Do not dawdle.

-A Friend


  1. Question 1:

    What was Zero's activity during and after the night of the winter 2010 Solstice?

  2. I will have to insist that you answer my questions individually. Further questions may depend on the answers to the first. Thank you.

  3. Very smart to ask your questions one at a time.

    I apologize for the wait. I was...delayed.

    Zero's activity during and after the Solstice were the subject of much debate among myself and my kind. Suffice it to say, it was...interesting.

    The dimensional bleeding that has allowed me to contact you has created many outcomes of the events that night, but every time we review the indisputable facts of the battle, it becomes...muddled. Confusing.

    In short, I cannot answer your question, and for this, I have sinned.

    -A Friend

  4. Hmm... Your assurance as to whether or not your inability to answer my question will result in my gaining a replacement question would be greatly appreciated. (The preceding was, by the way, NOT a question.)

    For now though, question 2:

    What is Redlight's true purpose?

  5. There will be no replacement questions. I apologize.

    Redlight's true purpose is unknown to me. Though I suspect he lacks such knowledge himself.

    My suspicions lead me to believe he DESIRES a purpose, rather than has one.

    -A Friend

  6. In other words, you have no answers to give at all and you've wasted our time.

  7. Okay, I debated a lot on my final question, but I think I'm satisfied enough with the implications of things to ask what's more important, even if there's a good chance you don't know this either. I really, really hope you do, though...

    Question 3:

    How might a cure for the Slender Man's proxies/agents be created or obtained?

  8. It has been created.

    The acid used by the so-called 'Sage' who experimented in such matters. The one in contact with the one called 'Shaun.' The acid has worked.

    There will be more details regarding this information in his log -

    I apologize. I can be of no further help at this moment.

    I will contact you again soon. But I must warn you. The barriers that denied me the chance to speak will grow stronger, then weaker again, as time passes. The time between the weakness and strength is growing shorter. In time, the veil will be pulled back forever, and the tall one will be more dangerous than ever.

    I will do what I can, but my information regarding the tall one's worldly activities is limited. You are asking the wrong questions.

    -A Friend

  9. Oh sweet jumping jesus christ on crutches. You have got to be kidding me. "The Veil will be pulled back forever".

    Look. I have no credentials. I'm not a scientist. I'm just a crazy mystic, shaman, guardian, call me whatever the hell you will, but everything he said sounded like...well, if it's what I think I know, we're all in a LOT of trouble. As in, every mythical nightmare you don't want to believe exists dropping on our laps and taking a bite to eat trouble.

    Please tell me you can read this Specter. I NEED to take a crack at this situation. PLEASE. I might be able to help. I have to try, damn it. PLEASE.

  10. oh my...

    the acid, of course...

    you'll contact... me?

    well, thank you, Informant. you were not as helpful as i'd hoped you'd be, but you were helpful. i asked what i thought was important, but i think i'm starting to realize what the "right" questions are. until next time.

    Specter, if you ever see this, this really is AmalgamationSage's area of expertise. if anyone can figure it out, it's him.

  11. This is a personal question, so excuse my human ignorance, I will understand if I'm not suppose to know but,

    Who is your Lord?

    also excuse my lack of faith..