Friday, July 29, 2011

Keeping Specter's blog tidy

B2 here. Goggles just updated the main blog, figured I'd throw in my two cents over here.

Goggles pretty much laid it all out for you, but there's one important thing he left out.

See, one of the nerds doesn't really ever bathe. And he itches all over his body. So what does he do? He scratches and rolls off small piles of dead skin covered in miniscule amounts of dirt, then starts rolling it up into a little ball. I just found one such little ball on my desk in my shiny office that I have because I'm the Field Commander for the SMD nowadays.

Let me repeat that: I found a fucking dead skin Katamari on my desk.



  1. What...

    I just.


    Who DOES that?

  2. A very annoying and disgusting piece of shit scientist, that's who.

    FYI, I'm on the verge of shooting the freak.


  3. You should have a group of people force him to bathe it'd be like a hazing maybe he'd learn his lesson and you wouldn't have to waste a bullet or personnel to get rid of him.