Monday, June 13, 2011

Back on our feet

Our budget should be noticeably larger next quarter. One problem out of the way.

On the subject of the recent attack on our hideout, we've had PATCH analyzing DNA from the dead attackers. So far, none of them have come up as PTC employees, and even the guys who work in Internal Affairs have their DNA and fingerprints on our records. These guys weren't PTC.

We don't have some huge fingerprint database for everyone on the planet. The fact that it isn't extensive enough to identify our attackers has been a problem for us. At least one of them came up as an ex-Marine, though, considered for potential PTC recruitment. Got passed up for it, and never got the memo that we even existed, so he can't have known about us. No clue what the guy would be doing participating in an attack on our front organization's building, but he and his buddies were packing, and they all definitely came from military backgrounds. Whether or not they were all former Marines specifically, I can't say, but none of them were carrying ID, and they all had guns and knew how to use them.

This leaves us with a bit of new information. These guys had no connection to the PTC, and decided to come and shoot us up. It's looking more and more like another Indoctrinated attack to keep us off-balance.



  1. The proxies are starting to use guns now. This is not good.

  2. um, it seems "A friend" has returned. And he knows your name Specter.

    "Miss me?
    Time is short.

    Pay close attention, and I will contact you directly when I can.

    Do not obstruct Crowley when he attempts to leave, [Specter]. The outcome will be unpleasant for everyone.

    -A Friend "