Sunday, June 26, 2011

Got some instructions


Come to the enclosed address at 5:00 PM, local time, Indianapolis, on Tuesday, June 28th.

Come alone.

-A Friend
The above message was in my private email inbox. Indianapolis was the location of the Winter Solstice event that started all of this dimensional bleeding crap in full. The address he included, I edited out of this post for security reasons.

If the Friend wants me to find something, or meet him in person, then the fact that he wants me to go there means something.

Not sure if I should go. Especially since he's saying to come alone.



  1. So send someone in your stead.

  2. Go alone, with a backup team outside ready to go in on your command, a laser carbine in a duffel bag along with a box of grenades in said bag and two pistols hidden under your dress jacket. And some knives. It's always good to have knives as a backup.

  3. I hardly need to point out the significance of the location. If that's where the dimensional bleeding started, that's probably where the Veil's weakest. Notice that Friend made his first visible (to you) post on the summer solstice (solstices and equinoxes are known for being a time of weakness in the Veil, though I can't recall why).

  4. Go in, but have some backup stationed further away. like a sniper team or a couple of guys with guns, it doesn't matter. Just be careful Specter.

  5. Solstices and other astrological dates of significance are days the Veil is weakest because they open the path to other worlds, dimensions, times and planes of existance!