Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sorry for not giving too many details

We didn't want to leak information on Big Game Hunting or Gone Fishing until after their completion because we didn't want to give Nightcrawler a heads-up that we were after him.

PTC secrecy is now comparatively safe. Any data he stole has been retrieved or destroyed. Thank PATCH for his help in keeping us afloat a while longer.

Internal Affairs isn't pleased that we're taking efforts like this into our own hands, but Nightcrawler was our mess, and the guys at Central Command commend me for 'taking initiative.' Me greenlighting Big Game Hunting pissed the head of Internal Affairs off so much that he pretty much threatened the rest of the Central Command bigwigs in a live conference to make them stop complimenting me on a job well done.

Guess that's one thing to pat myself on the back for. Back to work. We've got a certain slender man to kill.


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